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Hi all! It’s been a while since our last post. Just wanted to write about our baby Erin who was born last August 2018. We’ve also been working on a proposal for a local church who are interested in redeveloping their site. Finally, Janita is involved in the Roman Road Trust, a community group whose vision is to revitalise the high streets. Hope you are all well. Apologies for delays in writing back to those who have emailed us. Please bug us if you do not hear from us!

Capital Grants from Homes England

Capital funding is available from Homes England for groups wanting to secure funding for the following:

  • Applications for revenue funding for capacity building and pre-development costs, including revenue grants to local authorities to support community groups.
  • Capital bids for associated infrastructure costs which will support community housing development.
  • Capital bids to support the costs of building new community-led housing schemes.

It is unfortunately only available outside London. We hope the fund is available for London projects soon.Logo----Homes-England

Thanks to Locality’s Early Stage Support Programme, we have been working hard to prepare a pre-application support document for a site adjacent to Regent’s Canal, belonging to Tower Hamlets Council. We are designing 5 units on this triangular site. With a positive pre-app feedback (we hope!), we will be able to approach development funders. The application document should be submitted by mid-April 2018.


New London Plan, Small Sites and Brownfield Registers

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Policy H2 Small Sites

The London Plan has a very interesting section under Housing- Policy H2 Small Sites:

A Small sites should play a much greater role in housing delivery and boroughs should pro-actively support well-designed new homes on small sites through both planning decisions and plan-making in order to:

1) significantly increase the contribution of small sites to meeting London’s housing needs

2) diversify the sources, locations, type and mix of housing supply

3) support small and medium-sized housebuilders

4) support those wishing to bring forward custom, self-build and community-led housing.


C Boroughs should increase planning certainty on small sites by:

1) identifying and allocating appropriate small sites for residential development

2) listing these sites on their brownfield registers

3) granting permission in principle on specific sites or preparing local development orders.

This ideally means that small sites are identified on the Brownfield Register. As a resident of Tower Hamlets, I had a look at their Brownfield Register today.  A large majority of the sites are not “small sites” and the land are mostly not owned by the council.

Some of these are identified below:

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Whitechapel South- 12.71Ha

Screenshot 2018-01-25 at 10.10.29 PM

Bow Common Gas Works- 3.94Ha

Screenshot 2018-01-25 at 10.09.43 PM

Marion Place Gasworks and the Oval- 4.41Ha

Screenshot 2018-01-25 at 10.09.26 PM

Bishopsgate Goods Yard- 4.46Ha

Nine of the sites have planning applications on them.

While this is a good start by Tower Hamlets, more effort is needed to identify brownfield sites that are less than 0.25Ha for small sites development. These site should not already have planning applications put in for them!

Minutes and sites are found here under item 5.12 Publication of Brownfield Register.