LILAC Co-Housing, Leeds

The LILAC Co-Housing is UK’s first affordable ecological co-housing project consisting of 20 units of housing and a shared common house. The buildings are owned by a cooperative which leases the flats to members.

Cohousing Berlin is a platform for collaborative housing, sharing and living. Berlin is home to many projects that are self organised and planned by residents. In the last 40 years, the website noted 1000 buildings and groups have been built/formed in Berlin.


Springhill Co-Housing, Stroud

The Springhill Co-housing scheme consists of 35 private houses and flats. The site is pedestrian and child-friendly. The outdoor space, common house, workshops and playroom are communal. They also have a car share scheme and co-operate in the bulk buying of organic food.

Cannock Mill Co-Housing

We attended the Cannock Mill Co-Housing discovery event on the 4th November 2017 and were greatly inspired by the members. They have started a development of 23 homes in Colchester for £10.4 million.