Arcadia denotes a place of rustic innocence coupled with simple, uncluttered and quiet living.

Arcadia co-housing aims to be develop affordable, small scale, inter-generational community-led co-housing schemes for 5-20 households.

We are an East London-based community group. Our group believes that an intentional community is a great expression for showing love to your neighbours and for caring for the elderly.  The steering group is led by Matthew and Janita Cresswell, Anila Babla and Alexia Haywood. Matthew is head of RE in a school in west London, and Janita is an architect. Anila is a marketing and communications manager, web designer and art psychotherapist in training. Alexia works in the international human rights and development sector, and is currently working for an international development charity.

Affordable. The project is aimed at local members with housing needs, some of which have enough income to buy a property. Housing should be perpetually affordable for future eligible households.

Small scale. Communities tend to thrive when the community is of a size where everyone knows everyone. We believe decision making, especially consensus decision making, is easier to achieve at a smaller scale than a larger one.

Inter-generational. What does “Love your neighbour as yourself” look like? We envision this community will expand to consist of people from all walks of life, from all ages and backgrounds. Members are committed to living out the principles in community, which means we decide on mutual objectives, goals and activities.

Co-Housing. Each family or individual will have their own home which is their personal living space. The communal areas will be run by members who volunteer their time. Elderly and disabled residents will be prioritised ground level housing and facilities will be adapted for their needs. The common shared space is the area where communal activities take place. We envision that this space could be a shared garden /urban farm, kitchen, large living space or storage area. As a community, we will also look into working on other wider community outreach programmes, such as a community dinner programme or street parties.

Big vision. The big vision for Arcadia Co-Housing is to develop multiple affordable small scale, community-led co-housing schemes across London.